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Representing The Rights Of Grandparents Through Challenging Times

When it comes to family law matters, Pennsylvania law indicates that both parents are fully responsible for their children and upbringing decisions. But what about bonds with other family members, like grandparents?

Grandparents And Their Right To Seek Visitation

In Pennsylvania, grandparents may pursue partial physical or legal custody – also called visitation – of a grandchild under circumstances including the following:

  • The child has lived for 12 consecutive months, at the least, with a grandparent.
  • One or both of the child’s parents are deceased.
  • Parents of the child have filed for divorce after a minimum of six months of separation.

Further, custody granted to any grandparent cannot interfere with the parent-child relationship of any living parents.

Seeking Total Child Custody

Grandparents may also seek total child custody if:

  • The child is at risk within their nuclear family due to reports of parental neglect, abuse or any form of incapacity.
  • A grandparent is the grandchild’s custodian and is willing to assume the subsequent responsibilities.
  • The child’s relationship with a grandparent, either encouraged by the parent’s child or permitted by a court order.

When making decision involving visitation or custody as it relates to grandparents, Pennsylvania courts will always consider what is in the best interests of the child.

Other aspects considered include whether the grandparent interferes or favors a parent-child relationship and the grandparent’s relationship with the child’s parents.

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At Coover & Associates, we assist grandparents throughout central Pennsylvania who wish to seek visitation or custody rights over their grandchildren. Our attorneys have over 25 years of combined legal experience in many areas of law, including child custody and visitation cases.

We understand that every family is different. We will sit down with you and talk about your situation and your goals. We can then offer an honest evaluation and work toward the best solution possible.

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