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The Legal Protection You Need From Domestic Abuse

Some individuals involved in toxic relationships or marriages believe that domestic violence involves only physical injury, but such behavior goes far beyond cuts and bruises caused by choking, hitting or other physical contact.

How Does Pennsylvania Define Domestic Violence?

Pennsylvania recognizes many different forms of domestic violence including:

  • Controlling behavior – This may include not letting the victim leave the house, work or see friends and family. It may also include control through threats to pets or children.
  • Sexual abuse – Any type of unwanted sex act or rape can fall into this category, whether the people involved are married or not.
  • Destruction of property – The abuser may destroy or steal the victim’s property.
  • Emotional abuse – The abuser may manipulate the victim with name-calling, threats or humiliating treatment.

A domestic violence victim is also not limited to adults; children can also be victims of domestic violence.

Know Your Options

If you fear for the safety of yourself or a loved one – know that you have options. There are individuals who can help get you the protection you need.

At Coover & Associates, our attorneys have more than 25 years of legal experience handling a wide range of family law matters for individuals throughout central Pennsylvania, including those involving safety issues and dire situations.

Finding A Safe Space

First consider separating yourself from your abuser. To many, that sounds easier said than done. However, reaching out to us is a good first step.  Our legal team can talk with you about your situation and offer options available, such as finding a temporary shelter and filing a police report.

Restraining Orders

Your next step may involve seeking a protection from abuse order, or PFA. A PFA, also known as a restraining order, legally restricts the accused from having any physical or verbal contact with the accuser.

If you are in immediate danger, you may be able to receive an emergency order – and we can help.

At Coover & Associates, we have assisted people throughout central Pennsylvania involved in similar circumstances. We know the law and can help you file all necessary paperwork, find resources for you and your children and provide the advocacy you need.

We will also make sure you understand your options regarding custody if you share children with the abuser.

Contact Us For Guidance

If you or your children are in danger, we are here to listen and help. We offer free or low-cost initial consultations.

Schedule an appointment by calling our Carlisle office at 717-461-7789. You may also send us an email.