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Hard-Hitting Criminal Defense Representation Throughout Central Pennsylvania

If you were charged with violating the Crimes Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, you face a variety of serious consequences that may potentially affect your liberties, ability to find and maintain employment, and reputation. Criminal law is incredibly nuanced, rife with almost limitless exceptions and defenses to offenses. A skilled and talented criminal defense attorney can review your charges, explain the statutes to you, and work alongside you to draft a case plan and strategy that fit with your goals and best interests. Coover & Associates provides low-cost initial consultations to prospective clients accused of criminal crimes and traffic violations throughout central Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Misdemeanors And Penalties

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania classifies less serious offenses as misdemeanors. By definition, misdemeanors are minor, less severe crimes that face lighter sentences. Misdemeanors are divided into three categories. These categories dictate the sentencing range:

First-degree: Maximum of five years in prison, maximum of $10,000 fine
Second-degree: Maximum of two years in prison, maximum of $5,000 fine
Third-degree: Maximum of one year in prison, maximum of $2,500

Because sentencing is entirely discretionary for judges, our defense attorneys may be able to negotiate a more favorable sentence such as community service.

Understanding Pennsylvania Felonies And Penalties

In Pennsylvania, felonies are more heinous and often violent crimes. While misdemeanors are minor and commonly victim-less; however, felonies involve victims who have suffered great harm. The Crimes Code separates felonies into four categories, organized by maximum potential sentence:

First-degree: Maximum of 20 years in state prison, maximum of $25,000 fine
Second-degree: Maximum of 10 years in state prison, maximum of $25,000 fine
Third-degree: Maximum of seven years in state prison, maximum of $15,000 fine
Unclassified: Sentence depends on the exact crime

Unclassified crimes have specific penalties that are transcribed in the statute for that offense. For example, first-degree murder, also known as premeditated murder, carries up to life in prison or even the death penalty.

Like with misdemeanors, judges are afforded ample discretion in sentencing unless bound by mandatory minimums or aggravating factors. A comprehensive and articulate approach to sentencing arguments may effectively sway the judge in favor of ordering a more lenient sentence.

Pennsylvania Traffic Violations And Penalties

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you need to drive to get virtually anywhere. However, a traffic ticket can hold you back from being able to commute. Many individuals see traffic tickets as a hassle and quickly pay them in order to move on. However, each moving violation is assigned a certain number of points. These points accumulate on your driving record and can lead to extreme repercussions such as suspension of your license. It is therefore imperative that you fight these traffic violation tickets with Coover & Associates’ arsenal of experience, talent, and knowledge on your side.

Penalties for traffic violations commonly include:

  • Hefty fines
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Driver’s license revocation
  • Community service
  • Traffic safety school
  • Drug or alcohol treatment
  • Increased car Insurance rates

Coover & Associates has decades of experience with defending our central Pennsylvania clients of DUI defense/offense, traffic violations, including reducing fines, reducing charges, and advocating for complete dismissal.

Defend Your Rights With Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Traffic tickets and criminal arrests in Pennsylvania are rife with law enforcement deficiencies and constitutional violations, running the gamut from malfunctioning radar equipment to interrogation without proper Miranda warnings. Our attorneys at Coover & Associates will be heavily involved in your case from the start, combing through the police’s evidence, gathering data, and working with you to craft a skillful defense strategy. We strive to fully educate all prospective clients on the criminal process, the law, and possible case outcomes. To schedule a free consultation with our attorneys, email us or call us at 717-461-7789.