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Dynamo “Mo” Coover

Photo Of Dynamo

Mo alternates his time assisting the staff in the Carlisle and York Coover & Associates offices. Mo greets people who come to our offices at the door and barks to let the staff know that they need to provide prompt and efficient service to everyone who comes to the office. He also hides his toys under the copier and barks until the staff retrieves his toy to make sure that the staff is getting proper exercise. Mo loves the mailman and gets excited to see people he knows.

Mo was born in July of 2022 and has “worked” with Coover & Associates, PLLC since September of 2022. Mo is currently awaiting Beginner Classes at PetSmart.

Mo is afraid of people he does not know, bees, butterflies, the wind and almost everything. He does not bite, but he likes to bark. In his spare time, he likes to practice barking, play fetch, listen to himself bark, chew up his toys, play with his cat brother and bark some more.