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Frequently Asked Social Security Disability Benefit Questions

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | SSD

Social Security is a powerful and wide-ranging government benefit that will affect everyone who reaches retirement age. Its disability benefits provide support for people whose disability prevents them from working. Understanding how the benefits work in Pennsylvania and around the country is key for retirement planning and financial forecasting.

Important Social Security Disability Questions

Social security disability is available to people as long as they have worked long enough at a job where SSDI taxes were taken out of the paycheck. The duration of “long enough” is not fixed, because it depends on age and other factors. Once a person has accumulated enough “credits”, which are based on how long they work and how much tax they paid, they can file for Social Security Disability if they need it. The disabling medical condition must last for at least a year and it has to be examined and approved by the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Disability can take a long time to approve a case. The process can take more than six months depending on the case, and could be notably longer. That means it is not appropriate for immediate needs. It requires multiple meetings and documentation. A rejected decision can be appealed, so it is not a final no. The amount varies based on the case, and it has an average level of about $1,200 per month. A lot of factors can affect the size of the benefits package.

Social Security Disability is a key benefit for those who need it, and it can be difficult to get approval for it. The process is slow and having information can help move things along faster.