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What are the long-term consequences of a DUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2021 | Firm News

Getting a DUI can be a serious and costly problem. In addition to the immediate hardship of an arrest, a DUI may have long-lasting consequences. 

A DUI could affect your life in several different ways. All drivers should be conscientious about what can happen after a conviction. 

Suspension of your license

If driving under the influence of alcohol caused you to have an accident or your blood alcohol content was especially high, you may have to deal with a lengthy suspension of your driver’s license. Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test will result in an automatic suspension of your license, but you may be able to challenge a license suspension for refusal to test. 

Criminal record

In Pennsylvania, a DUI will remain on your criminal record permanently. Your conviction will be a matter of public record. Anyone who does a background check on you will be able to see it. Unfortunately, it could prevent you from accessing future employment opportunities. You may be able to expunge a DUI if you complete the state’s Accelerated Rehabilitative program. You will have to apply to take part in the ARD program, and you must not have any prior convictions. 


Insurance carriers will check your criminal history, and they may learn of an offense during your existing coverage term. A DUI could cause a considerable increase in your insurance premiums. 

Ultimately, you should do everything that you can to avoid the negative ramifications of a DUI. If you are currently facing a charge, bear in mind that there is a lot more at stake than simply having to pay a fine.